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Situation Analysis

Understand complex situations accurately to either eliminate them or improve their performance.

Problem Solving

Dramatically speed up the resolution of both incidents & problems, no more extended down time or reoccurrences!

Decision Making

Your Decision-Making ability will skyrocket!

Risk Analysis

Whether it’s a technology change or a major Project, our Risk approach will uncover the blind spots​

Our Workshops

You will learn an innovative approach that you can use to harness & guide your team’s thinking, seamlessly and efficiently. These are essential skills that all leaders, managers & subject matter experts require to be truly successful communicators and problem-solvers.

In our workshops we will show you how to use these collaborative critical thinking skills to analyse and attack the four critical pillars that support out of the box and innovative thinking.

  • Situation Analysis (Gap & Priority Analysis)
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Risk Analysis

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Our Approach

The skills we teach have been applied and proven in practice in a diverse range of companies and industries all over the world.

They can be applied to any situation or problem anywhere and in any industry. No matter if you are in IT, aviation, mining, manufacturing, construction, finance, marketing or project management. You can use these thinking skills throughout your career wherever it may take you.

We can also customize an online workshop specifically for your company’s or industry’s critical thinking needs.

Some of Our Customers

What our clients have to say...

I know the stuff works, because once we get a problem solving team together, we normally have the answer (technical cause) within 90 minutes.

The KEPNERandFOURIE methodologies are now fundamental in our approach to all incident and problem investigations. We have reduced our MTTR (mean time to restore) incidents by at least 80%.
Infrastrcture Manager
Australian Investment Bank
Prior to our use of KEPNERandFOURIE CauseWise and SolutionWise, it used to take us anywhere from two weeks to several months to 'turn around' a plan of action to improve our processes and prevent reoccurrence.

That time has been reduced to less than one week on complex issues. On non-complex issues, the turn around time for 'return to work' with solution buy-in has been reduced from >12 hours to 1.5 hours.
Quality Manager
I always wanted to know why we could not identify our root causes more accurately. When we did the Kepner and Fourie workshops, we were trained in the concept of Technical Cause versus Root Cause and this unique insight made a major difference in all of our incident & problem investigations after that.
David Pryde
EVP Product Support SGX
This is the best method I have ever seen on how to frame an incident in such a way that it makes sense to all present in the meeting or on the bridge. It enables us to progress through the investigation in a systematic way with a common language.
Problem Management
Service Assurance of a Global Retail Bank

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